5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Reception Venue

As you start to plan your magical wedding day, you need to think about which venue to choose for your ceremony and reception. There are many quality venues out there that offer beautiful atmospheres and great experiences. You want to make sure that you consider your own needs and wishes so that you choose a great spot. Keep reading to better understand what to consider when choosing a reception venue for your wedding day:  Read More 

3 Must-Haves To Consider When Planning A Vintage-Themed Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a physically, emotionally, and financially overwhelming process. However, wedding planning is also a way for some people to make dreams come true. If you have always dreamed of a vintage-themed wedding, you may come across many challenges when getting started in the design and organization of your special day. Thankfully, this guide can help. If you are currently planning a vintage-themed wedding, here are a few must-haves to ensure your special day is personable, unique, and memorable. Read More 

Hosting An Office Wedding Shower For An Employee: Four Ideas You Can Use

One way to boost morale in your office and recognize your staff is to host an office wedding shower, whenever a staff member is about to get married. Here are a few ideas you can use to make this happy occasion one that everyone in the office can enjoy. Set Aside A Conference Room Choose a conference room in your office building to be used for the wedding shower. Make sure that there are no meetings scheduled for the room that day, as this will provide plenty of time to set up the room. Read More 

Exploring Wedding Ceremony Options

Among the dozens of decisions you will need to make when planning your wedding, one of the first ones is what type of ceremony you envision for your nuptials. The type of ceremony can dictate the location, or it may not matter at all. The type of ceremony may also control whether the date you have chosen is available. The type of ceremony can also determine the theme and overall feel of your wedding. Read More 

The Search For A Wedding Dress: How To Find The Perfect One

When getting married, it is important to find a wedding dress for sale that makes you feel amazing. The dress you choose should be both beautiful and comfortable so that you can feel confident without feeling uncomfortable. With thousands of different dresses to choose from, you might not know where to begin. However, finding the right gown is easier than you may realize. Try on Dresses You Normally Would Not Select Read More