Everything You Need for a Backyard Wedding

There's no one right way to have a wedding. Some people prefer to have a large wedding with many people at a fancy venue. Still, other people prefer the idea of a small, intimate ceremony. If you're one of those people, a backyard wedding might be just right for you. Few things are more intimate than a ceremony at your own home. Here are four things you'll need for your wedding:

1. Curate your guest list.

When holding a wedding at your home, you'll have to be mindful of how many people you can realistically accommodate. Go through your guest list and make sure it doesn't grow too large. Only invite the people that you truly want at your wedding. This might be your and your partners' close friends and family. Take the opportunity to make this an intimate, private affair.

2. Decorate.

Even if you're trying to keep the wedding simple, you can make it beautiful with a few additions. Decorating for the wedding doesn't have to be expensive. You can use freshly cut flowers from friends' gardens as centerpieces, and Christmas lights will look beautiful strung around the yard. 

3. Get an officiant.

People who get married in a church typically utilize one of the church's religious clergy to perform the wedding ceremony. If you're getting married at home, you'll have to find our own officiant. Fortunately, there are many wedding ceremony officiants available for hire. You can find a list of officiants licensed to perform marriages online. From there, you simply have to pick the officiant you feel most comfortable with, who best suits your needs. Connect with your ideal officiant by contacting multiple services such as Wedding Officiant Chicago.

4. Set up lighting.

Evening weddings are very romantic. If you're holding the reception in the backyard as well, you'll be able to dance in the moonlight. Just remember that lighting is necessary. If you're having your wedding reception after the sunsets, make sure you arrange for adequate lighting. Candles on tables can provide soft, romantic lighting. Rented flood lights can provide any additional illumination necessary, and you can rent them from party rental companies.

Getting married in your own backyard can be a beautiful way to start the next phase of your life with your spouse. These tips will give you a place to get started, so you can begin planning your big day. Try to have everything planned well in advance, so you don't have to stress about anything when your wedding day arrives.