3 Must-Haves To Consider When Planning A Vintage-Themed Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a physically, emotionally, and financially overwhelming process. However, wedding planning is also a way for some people to make dreams come true. If you have always dreamed of a vintage-themed wedding, you may come across many challenges when getting started in the design and organization of your special day. Thankfully, this guide can help. If you are currently planning a vintage-themed wedding, here are a few must-haves to ensure your special day is personable, unique, and memorable.

1. The Dress ( and Other Apparel)

Today, the average cost of a wedding gown is $1,100, but you can save money while finding a dress that works with your vintage theme. To get started, visit local consignment shops and antique dealers to used dresses. Size is important, but remember that you can always have the dress altered to fit at a small cost.

Also, search online for both used dresses of vintage-inspired dresses. Both options will allow you to find a dress that suits the antiquated style without spending a lot of money. Of course, the bridal gown is not the only apparel you will need to purchase. The groom, groomsmen, and bridal party can also incorporate vintage details into their apparel without a high expense.

Basic trousers, a dress shirt, a bowtie, suspenders, and cap enhance the vintage theme without spending a lot of money. The bridal party can also buy dresses used. Do not worry about matching the dresses of the bridal party, since this is not a trend you have to follow. Mix and match to add style and personality to the wedding while also saving money.

2. The Venue

The location for your ceremony and reception are also important factors to consider when planning your wedding. With a vintage theme, you may feel the need to book a hotel or banquet hall, but that is not necessarily true.

Think outside the box when you are planning a vintage wedding. Your family's church, a historical building of any kind, an old library, a barn, section of farmland, or a wooded area are all great locations for both the ceremony and your reception. If you book a traditional hotel or banquet hall of sorts, be sure to customize the space with vintage-inspired accessories.

3. The Accessories

Decorating your venue to complement your vintage theme will be a fun part of the wedding planning process. Fortunately, there are many affordable accessories that can be used. Antique dishes, silver trays, and mismatched china work well for the reception dining and serving needs. For flower pieces, consider simple mason jars with roses and greenery.

Rustic candle lanterns, distressed frames with photos of the bride and groom, and old table linens are all beautiful accessories that will make your special day even more memorable. From the dress and venue to elegant accessories, designing the vintage wedding of your dreams is possible. 

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