Hosting An Office Wedding Shower For An Employee: Four Ideas You Can Use

One way to boost morale in your office and recognize your staff is to host an office wedding shower, whenever a staff member is about to get married. Here are a few ideas you can use to make this happy occasion one that everyone in the office can enjoy.

Set Aside A Conference Room

Choose a conference room in your office building to be used for the wedding shower. Make sure that there are no meetings scheduled for the room that day, as this will provide plenty of time to set up the room. The conference room should have a large table in the center, for sharing a meal, and there should be enough room for buffet tables along the walls. If there is no conference room available, consider clearing some space in the main office area to set up tables and decorations.

Add Fun Decorations

Purchase decorations to make the room feel festive. Crepe paper, balloons, and wedding-themed banners are all great options for decorating the room. Check with the future bride or groom to find out what the wedding colors will be, and try to incorporate them into the decorations. Consider decorating the room the night before, so everything is in place when you arrive at the office the next day, and enlist coworkers to help set up the decorations.

Hire A Corporate Caterer

Having the wedding shower professionally catered adds an exciting touch to the in-office event. Work with the catering company to create a wedding cake to fit the event theme, or have cupcakes decorated to look like miniature wedding cakes. Set up a buffet table with plenty of options for lunch, including pastas, salads, and sandwiches. Consider having nonalcoholic, signature cocktails prepared for a bit of added fun at the party. Let the caterer know what the theme is, and ask for suggestions to make the menu delicious, while fitting with an overall wedding theme. Your caterer may even be able to provide wedding-worthy dinnerware for your staff to use, during the meal.

Set Up Shower Games

Consider setting up a few fun shower games for your staff to play, after the meal is served. Have some door prizes available that your employees can win. These gifts might include coffee mugs, gift baskets, or apparel featuring your corporate logo. Be sure to set aside time after the games are over for the future bride or groom to open gifts. You can even make a game out of this, by having other employees play wedding gift bingo. Have bingo cards printed with popular wedding gifts listed on them, and then hand out a prize if someone fills a row on their card. Gifts to add to the cards might include champagne flutes, towels, and gift cards.

The wedding of an employee is a special occasion. Throwing a catered party is one way to show just how important your employees' personal happiness is to you.

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