3 Ways To Save On Wedding Furniture Rentals

One of the unavoidable and potentially higher expenses for your wedding is the furniture rental. Mistakes can be costly and lead to a last minute rush to make corrections. Therefore, it is important that you get it right the first time. Here are a few tips to help you rent the wedding furniture you need and avoid excessive expenses.  

Know What You Need 

Before you even check with any rental companies, take the time to create a list of what you need. Some rental companies offer packages for wedding furniture and you might be able to take advantage of those to save money.  

In assessing your needs, you have to think about every single moment of your wedding and reception. For instance, you know that your guests will need tables at which to sit. However, you will also need tables for the cake, buffet, and gifts.  

Once you know what type of tables you need, you should start thinking about the size and type. Do you want round or rectangular tables? How many people do you want to sit at each table? What size gift table is necessary? 

Consider Dual Uses for the Furniture 

To save on your wedding expenses, some of the furniture can be used for more than one purpose. If you are having the wedding and reception in the same place, this is very possible. For instance, you can save money on a second set of chairs for the reception by using the same chairs for the ceremony and the reception.  

It is important to note that if you do opt to use the furniture in this fashion, you need to have the staff on hand to help move the pieces around when it is time. Depending on the cost of labor, you might have to resort to renting a second set of chairs. However, your wedding planner might be able to negotiate a reasonable cost for the laborers needed.  

Avoid Using More Than One Vendor 

It might be tempting to use furniture from different vendors to furnish your wedding and reception, but this could be a costly decision. Each vendor will charge you for delivery costs and taxes. If the vendors are also offering setup for an additional fee, you could also be faced with paying this expense.  

If you must go to a different vendor to fulfill your needs, try to limit the number of vendors you use. The more you can keep the delivery costs down, the happier your budget will be.