4 Tips For Booking A Banquet Hall For Your Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding can be both very exciting and overwhelming. During the early planning stages, it is important to secure a location for the wedding ceremony and the reception. When it comes to receptions, banquet halls are a very popular option for a number of reasons. Most urban areas have a number of banquet halls available to host wedding receptions. If you plan to hold your reception in a banquet hall, consider the following things before you sign a contract:

Total Capacity

Prior to booking a banquet hall for a wedding, it is important to have a rough number of how many guests you plan to attend. While every single person you invite probably won't be able to attend, it is essential to select a banquet hall that can accommodate the number of people that you are inviting. Take the time to create a guest list before searching for a banquet hall-- this will help ensure that you don't waste time or fall in love with a banquet hall that may be too small.


In most cases, a wedding reception begins shortly after the wedding ceremony. If you are having a wedding ceremony in a church, it is a good idea to select a banquet hall for your reception that is located nearby. It is not uncommon for people to choose to hold both their wedding ceremony and the reception at a banquet hall-- if you choose to do this, make sure you ask the venue how they accommodate having both a wedding and reception. Some banquet halls may have a separate area for the ceremony.

Interior Space

Couples typically choose to decorate a banquet hall for their wedding reception, but even the most beautiful decorations can't hide a sub-par space. Avoid choosing a banquet hall that is old and not well maintained, as it is often a sign that the owners of the banquet hall may not care for the property properly. The ideal banquet hall for a wedding reception will be clean, maintained, and ready to host a wonderful party.


It is in your best interest to know exactly what your wishes are before touring banquet halls for a wedding reception. If you are set on using a local catering company that you love, don't waste your time looking at banquet halls that require the use of a specific caterer that they are contracted with. Likewise, if you are hoping to supply your own alcohol for your wedding reception, ensure that the banquet hall that you choose will allow you to do so.