Easy Ways To Reduce Your Wedding Cake Costs

If you are a highly practical individual, but still want the wedding of your dreams, then you may be looking for ways to reduce your wedding costs without sacrificing your desires. There are a number of things you can do to reduce costs, like choosing daisies and carnations for your wedding flowers and making your own centerpieces. You can also choose a cake that is delicious, but also inexpensive. If you want to keep your wedding cake costs controlled, then follow the tips in this article.

Skip The Elaborate Designs

If you have started speaking to bakers about wedding cakes and their costs, then you may already know that a typical wedding cake will cost a little over $500 on average. However, this cost can quickly double if you decide to go with an incredibly elaborate cake. Wedding cakes are not based solely on size, but the size of the cake helps to create the starting price for the cake. You will typically be given a cost based on slice count. For example, the cake may start at a base of $1.50 a slice on the lowest end. Adding tiers will instantly increase this cost. There are many other things that will also elevate the per slice cost, so you should decide which things you can and cannot live without when choosing your wedding cake.

Odd shapes like hearts, diamonds, and elipses are more complicated to create, so consider sticking with a basic circular or square design. Also, cakes with fondant are more expensive, so go with a basic buttercream frosting. Simple chocolate and vanilla cakes, or a mix of the two, are cheaper too. This means that you may want to skip the red velvet, orange cream, or raspberry cake ideas.

If you are looking to reduce costs, then you should absolutely avoid intricate decorations like sugar flowers. Sugar flowers and leaves are beautiful. However, a single flower can take an hour or more to make. Most flowers are hand sculpted and then painted or airbrushed to add color. Most bakeries will charge for cakes based partially on touch costs. This cost refers to the number of hours the baker will spend touching or working on the cake itself. An hourly rate is typically applied to determine this cost, and sugar flowers can increase the touch time exponentially. Instead of asking for sugar flowers, ask the bakery to add real flowers to the cake instead. Piping can increase touch time quite a bit as well, so think about larger and more free-form designs that may be quicker to create. For example, a design with poured chocolate tiers may be more unique, beautiful, and cheaper than a design with piped chocolate swirls. Keep these ideas in mind as you discuss your options with the professional making your wedding cake.

Cut The Slices

If you are planning a large wedding, then you may need a lot of cake. In this case, it is wise to design a small two or three tiered display cake with the baker that will be used as the cake that you and your new spouse will cut. To help feed your guests, also opt for one or several sheet cakes that match the basic cake and frosting type of your display cake. This way the simple sheet cakes can be cut in the reception kitchen and then served to your guests. 

If you go this route and need a lot of cake, then you can also cut the portion size of each slice down a bit. For example, you can ask for each slice to be cut down to about two-thirds the size. This will increase the number of slices by about one-third. For example, if you have 200 guests and cut each traditional cake slice by one-third, then you will only need enough cake for about 135 people. This can eliminate quite a bit of cake and keep your costs down. 

If you have children coming to your wedding, then cake served to the children can even be cut down to about one-half the size to decrease your costs even more.